StockMine Vocabulary



Stock symbol


Name of the company


The exchange where the stock is listed


The sector of the stock


The industry of the stock

Market Cap

SmallCap   -> $300 million - $2 Billion

Midcap      -> $2 Billion - $10 Billion

Large        -> $10 Billion - $300 Billion

Mega        -> Greater than $300 Billion


The Float of the stock


The Beta of the stock

Daily Volume

Daily volume. This is then compared to the 3 month Average. The Relative volume is displayed in parenthesis. 

Current Price

End of the Day price

Today's Price % Change

Change in price today


StockMine Rating

Rating Date

The date when the Rating was initially set and it has not changed since then.

Meaning of Rating

Please refer to this link for details.

Number of Days since Signal

The number of days since the Rating was initially set and it has not changed since then.

Percentage Change since the date of Signal

This is the price difference between the current price and the close price on the first day of the rating.

Stop Loss

This is a price action based stop loss recommendation specific to the StockMine algo.


YTD Return%

Performance of the stock in the current calendar year.

Price vs 52 Week High

How far is the price away from its 52 Week High

Relative Strength%

The price-performance of a stock relative to the ETF SPY over the last 26 weeks

Next Earnings Date

The date of the stock's next earnings date

Number of Days

The number of days for the stock's next earnings date.


EPS Growth Rate

EPS of the current period compared to EPS of the prior period

Revenue Growth Rate

Revenue of the current quarter compared to Revenue of the prior period.


Current quarter vs the same quarter the prior year. i.e 4 quarters back.


Current quarter vs Prior quarter

Profit Margin(Net)

Net Profit margin = (Net Income / Total Revenue) * 100

Operating Margin 

Operating margin = ( Gross Profit - Selling & Administrative expenses) / Total Revenue  * 100

Return on Equity 

ROE = (Net Income / Total Stockholder Equity) * 100


EPS Actual

Actual Eearning per share for the quarter

EPS Estimate

Consensus EPS Estimate

EPS Difference

EPS Actual - EPS Estimate

Surprise Percent

Surprise Percent = (EPS Actual - EPS Estimate) / EPS Estimate * 100


Stock Screener

With the StockMine stock screener, you can filter stocks based on metrics and criteria you define.


You can use the Watchlists to create lists, customize views with your favorite metrics, and get instant insights.

Most Recent Quarter

It is the latest quarter for which the company released its earnings

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